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"This Web Site is dedicated to the memory of those who gave their lives to preserve the ideals that we all hold so dear. Freedom is not Free. If we fail to protect and preserve it, we could lose it."


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There have been 8773 visitors to this websiteThere have been 8773 visitors to this websiteThere have been 8773 visitors to this websiteThere have been 8773 visitors to this website

Welcome to Yeoman Bee NetGraphics, Ltd.

Yeoman Bee NetGraphics, Ltd.


If you are in need of a simple to complex Website, I can design, publish and manage it for you!

I offer such Websites for small business - my specialty - so you can concentrate on your business while I manage your website according to your business interests.

All you need do is give me an outline as to what you have in mind and I can put it together, and then publish it to the World Wide Web.

You can have a Business Face on the Internet for an exceptionally low price (see prices below), or you can have your very own personal Website, complete with personal image and sound galleries.

Everything Legal I can do for you

Being an Ex-Navy Yeoman (Clerk), I have a desire to move my talents into the Cyber-World, and can help you do so also.

I charge a basic flat rate for building a Website for you. $100 + $100 setup fee.. thereafter, I charge a $100 yearly maintenance fee. Your initial outlay for these services is $200.. the following year, I then will levy a $100 maintenance fee.

If you wish to setup on a dedicated server, I charge $200 for setup fee and let you take care of your Server fees. I just create the website for you, and then hand it over to you.

If you require additional pages, I charge a flat rate of $10 per page.

All Fees are subject to change without notice.

To setup an account with Yeoman Bee NetGraphics please fill out the form provided.

Make sure you include your phone number and/or Email address

Fill out Request Form

For Example Websites go here

For a brief Outline of a normal Website
read below

Thank you!



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If you would like to see some of my work on home pages, please visit the following sites:

Jake's 'Yankee Station' - USS Hancock Memorial -

USS Jaccard DE-355 Memorial
USS Indianapolis CA-35 - Seaman 1st Class Ed Jones Memorial

Family Genealogy Websites are our Specialty
Contact Jake for more information

The Ayers Hood Family History Website
Incorporating the powerful phpgedview program..

My Poetry Website
My General Poetry | My Vietnam War Poetry

Websites I've Built for Paying Customers

Rich Kirsch's 'Fighting Hannah"

Hersch Pahl Books
This is a Website for a Naval Aviator from WWII and
whom I regard as a *Real* Hero

The Krenn Papers
This is a Website for a U.S. Army Tank Captain in WWII - and contains His
Memoirs of his days with the 1st Armored Division from 1942-1945
whom I regard as a *Real* Hero

Brad Smiley's Smiling Bird Dogs
A Website where you can buy a great hunting dog..
AKC Brittany Spaniels are the Best Upland Hunding Dogs!

I hope you enjoy these sites, and you can have one similar to these, and any theme except
EXCEPT sexually related or explicit sites. This is a NO-NO!

Questions you should consider when creating and keeping up a web site:

1) What is the main theme?

2) what are your objectives?

3) Do you want a gallery?

4) how many sub - pages do you think you'll require?

5) you can break down the site into "rooms" where the visitor can visit, if he's interested in the subject of the room

6) What kind of graphics do you want on it, to set it apart from others?

7) What kind of music do you want to 'welcome' your visitors?

8) do you want a counter?

9) Design a "profile" that you wish to present to the WWW community. Consider a nice complementary photo of yourself at this point. It will draw you more hits, if you have a nice picture of yourself.

10) You may wish to create a "Banner" graphic that portrays your theme.

To see what I mean, you may wish to see my Sister's 'Banner' on her Website which I created for her - I have another more detailed website that I have created as a Tribute to my ship and her crew, located on here. To see my "Banner" from my Navy Memorial, go here.

Banners are an attractive 'Welcome' to your site. If you are not a would-be graphic artist, someone can make it for you, or I can do it with pleasure.
View the Banner that I created for

11) We can build your web site either on a free Hosting server, or on your computer. It all depends on you, your needs, and your expense account.

There are many more resources for Web Hosting from AOL to Yahoo, to, Lycos, Tripod, etc., and many are free. Use keyword search on YAHOO now for a listing.

My most recent Specialty are Genealogy or Family Tree Websites.

So the above will give you some ideas on how to make a Website.. it can be simple or complex, according to your whims.

To see a cute site I did for my sister, with this art that is public domain from Corel Draw, go meet my sister and her husband, Tom Cowart. They have their business site there as well.

You can also see another Personal Home Page I did for myself here.

Want a Blog Website? I can do that for you with an Attractive Blog Software program. A personal friend of mine is use one to display his father's Navy Career Website aboard the same Ship I served in, the U.S.S. Hancock CVA-19

Other resource for Web Art:

Thanks again for your attention,
Jake Yeoman,
Yeoman Bee NetGraphics & Software, Ltd.
Use Email Form here

Do you need affordable Web Hosting?

Keywords: Vietnam Veterans, Website Design, Web Graphics

This Homepage was created in memory of
those 58,000 Americans who gave their lives in
Vietnam in defense of what we perceived as 'Righteous Ideals'!

Visit Jake's Tribute to the Vietnam Veterans

Please visit the Vietnam Veterans Homepage

Therefore, I dedicate this site to them and to the cause of

Jake Yeoman, YN3, USNR-R


Jake's 'Yankee Station'

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